Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday Card using Stamp of the Month

Zackery & Jordan

Young Love......... My Son Zackery and his beautiful girlfriend Jordan. Dating for 3+ years.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things that make me happy

I thought of all the wonderful things and people in my life that don't require money (or rather, the joy is not derived from having money, but the good that comes of using it). It has made me realize how rich my life truly is.
*The sound of rain, the way it smells the way it cleans, the feel, the sound on the roof, hitting against the windows. It has a very calming effect on me.
*When my house is clean.
*A sensual long—drawn--out kiss.
*Reading outdoors in a place I can concentrate.
*Being totally convinced that in the long run thoughtfully applied effort can change the world.
*Being asked sincerely, “How can I help you?” or " How are you?"
*Having a close relationship with my daughter and sons.
*Seeing friends I haven’t seen in years.
*Playing card or board games with my family around the kitchen table.
*80’s Music the kind you can crank up really loud and know all the words.
*Pedicures. My feet are always so soft and pretty after a pedicure. I love the foot massage and having someone else paint my nails.
*Fresh, Clean, Sheets just washed. They are always so soft, snuggly and smell so good.
*I love books that I get so wrapped up in that I actually mourn the loss of a character. I love books that make me think about my life and life in general.
*Playing Luxor with Chan and her keeping up with me.
*Christmas Tree Lights in the Dark, I love sitting in the dark in my living room during the holidays with just the tree lights on. It is so pretty. It makes me remember being a kid and when Christmas seemed so magical. *Warm Bed on a Cold Morning, I love waking up on a cold winter morning and being all cozy in my bed. It’s even better when I don’t have to get out of the warm bed.
*Short Days At Work, I love when I only have to work until 3PM. I know on those days that I can go home and still have energy to get stuff done and then be able to relax before bedtime.
*The smell of baking bread. The taste of fresh warm buttered bread.
*Fresh Flowers. Any kind, all year round.
*Thoughts of my dad, he always had a saying, story or humorous comment.
*My Grandma telling me I am her favorite knowing that she tells that to everyone. It makes me smile knowing she’s trying to please and love everyone.
*My moms cooking.
*Butterfly and Eskimo kisses from Chan when we snuggle before bedtime.
*Long chats with someone close.
*Friends, sisters remembering my birthday.
*Being with Friends that know you, know what you’ve been through.
*When something I cook turns out really well.
*Wrapping up in a quilt made from my father’s clothes. Each piece holds a memory. And it is so heavy it’s like a hug from him.
*My husband, funny, loves to chase me – still.
*Teaching someone something new at my monthly scrapbook workshops.
*When I finish a layout with pictures.
*Devin’s Laugh
*Watching Chantel Dance

Monday, August 10, 2009

Long Beach Leadership

This photo was taken at the Close to My heart Leadership Conference in Long Beach CA, it was incredible. These lovely ladies are part of the PaceMaker Unit. It is so nice to be part of a company that has our best interests in store. I truly left excited about my business and the new opportunities that it will provide for me and my customers. Leadership was filled with informative meetings and creating beautiful artwork with new products. Close to my heart is a wonderful part of my life that I enjoy sharing with others.